In addition to our new clothing items, we are adding a section with gently used Boutique clothing, called Kim's Closet.

If you have clothing that you would like to sell on consignment in our Boutique, here are the details:

1.  We will accept 2-3 year old Boutique clothing from stores such as Maurices, Macy's, ClosetCandy, and similar type stores.  No clothing from department stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. 
2.  All clothing must be stain and wear-free, and washed and pressed, on hangers. Women's tops, jeans and shorts only, for the spring/summer season.
3.  Limit of 5 items per person. 
4.  Pricing: If your item new is $40, then the sale price will be $20. You will receive 60% of that sale, and 40% will go to our Boutique. In this example, you would receive $12 and we would receive $8.  Checks go out every month on the 1st. 
5.  Your items will be on the rack for 2 months. If they have not sold, we will contact you to pick them up at your convenience. 
6.  Currently we are accepting only spring and summer clothing. Kim's Closet in Main Street Boutique will be available starting March 8, 2021. We will be open every Saturday from 10- Noon with full register and accepting credit cards, and other days will be posted when the stylist's are working, and those days will be exact cash or check only. 

7. We are very limited on space, so contact us asap to get your items placed!
8. Main Street Boutique will do the public advertising for Kim's Closet items in the boutique.  You may post on your personal page, but not on public pages. 

If you are interested in selling your items on consignment with us, send us an inquiry at:
  We will not respond to messenger or texts. 

Show us pictures of your items, labeled 1-5, or whatever the quantity 5 or under,  and tell us the brand name.
We will let you know if these items will be accepted and give you further instructions.